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{My Life…}- Round Rock Children’s Photographer

In case you have ever wondered what it is like to live with a photographer, it goes something like this….

(Scene starts with family heading out the door to a Dragon Football game….running late, because Morgan insists on picking out her own shoes.)

Me: “Oh my gosh!  Blake, the girls look so cute….I really want to take a quick photo of them.”

Blake: “SERIOUSLY??  We are running late.”

Me:   “OK, just really quick…they match and both are in a good mood.”

Blake: “Just ONE photo!”

ME:  ”OK, let me get my camera.”

(I quickly run to gather my camera bag and entire arsenal of lenses.  I return with some accessories and an old chair in tow.  I get “the look” from Blake and know this has got to be quick.)

ME: “I promise…5 minutes.  Please grab some candy and throw this chair in the truck (smile).”

So then head across the street to the church parking lot for a 5 minute take…and the girls load up on candy before dinner.  I am so glad my husband puts up with me… but he did know what he was signing up for, since I was a photographer when he met me.  Thanks, Babe!